Lynch Canyon County Park
Bedrock Mortar Sites
(Solano County)

Lynch Canyon was the site of an unnamed village of the Southern Patwin people that is not mentioned in Spanish mission records, and the people here were probably listed as from the neighboring villages (rancherias) of Suisun or Suscol. Today this locality is a Solano County Park, and includes bedrock mortar sites that are reached after short hikes. The parking lot for the park is at 3100 Lynch Road in American Canyon, and it is the trailhead for hikes to the bedrock mortar sites. The park website has more information.


Lynch Canyon Sites (Unnamed Patwin Village)
Lynch Canyon Open Space - Tower Trail site (open to the public)
This site is a large flat bedrock slab with 51 mortars and 5 cupules (man-made depressions). The mortar holes are in two concentrations. This is one of the easiest sites to get to in the Suisun Valley area, and it is probably the best.

38.189417, -122.200583

Lynch Canyon Open Space - North Ridge Trail site (open to the public)
This site is located at a large monolithic boulder with a flat vertical face. Four much smaller boulders at the base of the monolith contain 13 bedrock mortars.

38.19391667, -122.2011333

Lynch Canyon Open Space - Upper Middle Valley Trail site (open to the public)
This site is located at a conspicuous outcrop that looks like the prow of a sinking ship. It is also very close to a pioneer homestead site that is in the process of being restored. Four much smaller boulders and a small slab beneath the prow contain 10 bedrock mortars and some cupules. One of the mortar holes (at left) is unusually large.





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